Tips for Ordering Your Hoses

Equipment Brand, Model & Year

Ensure that you have the correct Brand, Model and Year of Manufacture of the equipment that needs a new hose. This helps us to narrow down fitting and hose types.

Bring your damaged hose and fittings with you

Although many common machines have some standard "off-the-shelf" hoses and fittings, it is always best to bring the hose and fittings with you when you need a replacement. This helps to guarantee accurate selection of fittings and matching or improving of the hose rating. It also helps the technician to ensure that the hose is cut to the proper length. On larger hose diameters it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to force a hose into position if it is a little too long or short or the fittings are not oriented the same way as the original.

Bring any adapters you may be using

​If the hose to be replaced is attached to any adapters, bringing them along will help to ensure that the new fittings will fit your current adapters. 

Call ahead ordering

Often, if you frequently replace a particular hose, we can store that hose build for you in our system. Calling ahead will allow us the opportunity to have a new hose prepared for you prior to your arrival, saving you time.

Inventory Management

Do you need to keep an inventory of hoses ready to go for your fleet of equipment? If so, Newberry Hydraulic Supply can help manage your hoses and keep them in stock for you, minimizing your downtime from having to wait overnight for uncommon fittings and oversize hoses. This can be done on-site at your facility or managed at our warehouse.